“I served as Professional Development Chair during my junior year, and that was one of the best experiences I’ve had being able to serve the organization. Learning about everyone’s ambitions, and how they plan on attaining their goals was fantastic.”

Aaron Avery, Class of 2018

“As part of the Beta rush class, I was able to participate in KOA’s first semester at MSU and have truly enjoyed watching it grow over the past couple years. I have loved having the chance to grow personally and professionally while also making friends and connections.”

Lexie Farrell, Class of 2018

“I learned a lot about group collaboration and leadership. It was a special opportunity to build something from the bottom up, making alterations and celebrating successes as we discovered what did and did not work for operating a professional fraternity. My favorite memory was designing initiation cards for the first Alpha class – it signified the start of something new and important to me.”

Kyla Goolsby, Class of 2018