PlatformTypeCostDurationKey Features
Khan AcademyOnlineFreeSelf-paced
KaplanLive online$12991-2 monthsBooklet, video lectures (70 hours recorded; 28 hours live instruction), 75 practice tests
KaplanIn-person$13991-2 months
BlueprintOnline$200 + $199/moSelf-pacedApp, booklet, video lectures (88 hours), 20 practice exams, LSAT navigator, free 7-day trial
BlueprintLive online$1299App, booklet, video lectures, live office hours, 20 practice exams, 4 proctored exams
Princetown ReviewOnline$799Self-pacedApp, booklets, video lectures (150 hours), 6 practice exams
Princeton ReviewLive online$1049-12992-3 months
Princeton ReviewIn-person$1800Varies
LSATMaxOnline$750-$950 or $199/moSelf-pacedApp, booklets, video lectures, 87 practice exams, lifetime access
Manhattan PrepLive Online$13991-2 moLive lectures (30 hours), all disclosed exams
Manhattan PrepOnline$599-$899Self-paced (6 mo max)Video lectures (60 hours), booklet, all disclosed exams, LSAT navigator

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