Our Mission

The members of KOA seek to bring together students interested in law, public policy and criminal justice to build a community that offers professional, social and service opportunities with the goal of developing members into professionals and leaders.

Our Story

Kappa Omega Alpha was founded at the University of Michigan in 2009 to bring together students who shared an interest in law and public policy.  The organization saw tremendous success and soon spread here to Michigan State as well as to the University of Maryland.  The Beta Chapter of Kappa Omega Alpha was established at Michigan State University in the spring of 2016 by a handful of freshman in James Madison College who sought to create an organization that was inclusive to students across a diverse array of backgrounds and majors.

Our Members

Through hard work and dedication, KOA has grown to more than 100 members and alumni across 24 majors and 8 colleges. We welcome all majors and recognize the value that all individuals bring to the organization.

Our Community