KOA & AEI host Dr. Zack Cooper to discuss US-China relations

KOA and the Michigan State chapter of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Zack Cooper to discuss Chinese statecraft and the future of the US-China relationship.

Dr. Cooper is a Research Fellow at AEI in Washington, DC who focuses on US strategy in Asia. He received his BA in Public Policy from Stanford University and a PhD in Security Studies from Princeton University. He previously worked in the National Security Council at the White House and in the US Department of Defense.

Dr. Cooper discussed what he saw as the five main misconceptions in US policy regarding China. He argues that the US has no clear strategy towards China despite bipartisan agreement in the DC expert community. According to Dr. Cooper, most Americans do not see China as the biggest economic and security threat, instead focusing on the Middle East.

Looking to the future, Dr. Cooper predicted that China’s growth will slow due to declining economic strength and internal political instability.

Our members also had the chance to ask questions. One was about the human rights abuses toward the Uighur Muslim population. Other questions were about Chinese aid for development in Africa and Asia, Chinese policy towards Hong Kong, the future of relations with Taiwan, and concerns over Huawei’s 5G technology.

Dr. Cooper encouraged attendees to come work in DC because new minds are needed to solve the problems facing the world.

For more information, visit https://www.aei.org/profile/zack-cooper/

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