KOA, AEI Host David Byler

On Monday, October 29th, KOA and the American Enterprise Institute at MSU hosted pollster David Byler for a conversation about the midterm election.  Byler serves as the Chief Elections Analyst for The Weekly Standard.  He has previously worked for RealClearPolitics and is a graduate of Princeton University.

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David Byler

At Monday’s event, Byler walked through the House, Senate and Gubernatorial elections, explaining how pollsters interpret data and reach predictions.  His models show the most probable outcome of the midterms to be Democrats taking the House of Representatives and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate, although other outcomes are still possible.  Members also had the opportunity to ask questions about the polling and elections.  These questions included the possible affects of campaign events by President Trump and former President Obama, the reliability of polling after 2016, and the ways in which polling is adapting to new technologies.

KOA would like to thank David Byler for participating in this event and sharing his knowledge with our members.  We would also like to thank AEI MSU Chairman Noah Sadlier for his work organizing the event.

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